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RealFlex 6


  • INCLUDES QNX 6.5 Runtime with RealFlex 6.5
  • A CHOICE of Photon HMI for QNX or FlexView 3 HMI for Microsoft Windows PC
  • AVAILABLE as a standalone SCADA server or as a true Hot Standby Failover system

Are you worried that your SCADA system security is not configured correctly? Can a careless operator leave a “back door” open for hackers? In the past you may have suffered extra labour costs to have your SCADA system’s security features painstakingly configured. Even now, can you be sure without extensive checking, that it was done correctly?

RealFlex Technologies has the answer. Now you can have peace of mind at no extra cost. The new RealFlex 6.5 provides enhanced security as the standard default configuration. A comprehensive list of security features, as requested by our customers, is immediately active.

At RealFlex Technologies we listen to our customers. So when existing RealFlex customers told us that they would like an all QNX solution, we immediately set to work. The result is the new QNX Photon HMI. Users of the new RealFlex 6.5 have the option of choosing between our integrated QNX Photon HMI on the same PC as RealFlex 6.5 or a Microsoft Windows HMI on seperate PC


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