Due to confidentiality requirements, the customer name and location has been omitted from the case studies listed. For qualified requests additional project information can be supplied.


Electrical Distribution Automation

One of the ten largest electrical power producers in the United States implemented RealFlex as a key component in its first distribution automation project. PROBLEM D
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Electrical Substation Automation

A major electrical utility serving 80 municipalities. Delivering electricity to approximately 20 million people. Electricity is supplied by  using a 400KV ring. The utility then uses 230KV, 115KV and
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Hydroelectric Power Generation and Distribution

PROBLEM DESCRIPTION AND SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: A hydroelectric utility required a real-time supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and sequence of event recording system to monitor and control
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Hydrological Data

PROBLEM DESCRIPTION AND SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: There was a requirement to collect Hydrological Data from various remote locations in the Dam area and to pass this data onto a Flood Forecast Model. This
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Loading Dock Management

PROBLEM DESCRIPTION AND SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: A petroleum company needed to automate their MTBE Railcar Loading Facility. The key was centered around building an interface between RealFlex and the exis
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Oil and Gas Pipeline

A major pipeline operates a 1,000 mile facility which runs along the Texas/Louisiana coastline. It transports propylene and ethylene to customers and distributors alo
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Oil Field Production Automation

PROBLEM DESCRIPTION AND SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: The existing automation technology was 20 years old and consisted of custom software that ran on a mainframe computer. Instead of alarms being reported to
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Power Generation

PROBLEM DESCRIPTION AND SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: A power producer in the Midwest United States operates a combined cycle plant consisting of two turbines, two waste heat boilers with afterburner controls,
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Refinery and pipeline upgrade

A recognized nationwide leader in the distribution of biodiesel and ethanol The refinery and pipeline operation employs 406 people. This American owned and operated facility can trace its roots back t
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Traction Control Center

A major rail company managing 4000km of rail. The Company was blighted by years of underinvestment. To remain competitive the Company embarked on a major project to improve operationa
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