Industries who have a requirement to monitor and control large systems need a stable, secure and powerful SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system. SCADA systems are required to operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and this requires a true hot standby. Security is paramount on a SCADA system. RealFlex 6.5 server runs on a QNX Neutrino operating system and uses dynamically encrypted protocol between Server and Clients to insure secure communication.
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RealWin is a SCADA server product which includes a FlexView HMI and runs on current Microsoft Windows platforms (2000 and XP). It can operate on a single PC or multiple PCs connected through a TCP/IP network. It reads and maintains data returned from field devices using drivers, stores data for historical access, runs Command Sequence Language (CSL) scripts and generates alarms as defined in the system.
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FlexView HMI

FlexView HMI for all SCADA Servers Operator Consol Display of SCADA information Control of the System Connects to: RealFlex 4 Using FlexServ RealFlex 6 RealWin Bundled Components FlexView 
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New enhanced FlexBase offers improved performance and data integrity in the SQL database connected to RealFlex. Designed to cater for systems where multiple SQL Historian databases are connected to real-time RealFlex SCADA server, the method of archiving data via FlexBase has been enhanced to ensure 100% identical database content no matter how many Historians are connected to RealFlex.
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FlexWeb works in conjunction with FlexBase to provide data to HTML web pages. Real-Time and historical data is available and web pages can be built using only its own editor. FlexBase 2.x is required.
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When RealFlex6 requests data from an OPC server on a Microsoft Windows machine, this module must be used. FlexOPC Client for RealFlex 6 has 2 components: FlexOPC Client is installed on a Microsoft Windows PC and an OPCclient driver for QNX, called ipscan, is installed on a RealFlex 6.x SCADAPC. This allows RealFlex 6.x SCADA system to get data from another system with an OPC Server.
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RF Link

RF Link is a module of RealFlex that allows multiple RealFlex systems to be connected together.
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