RealFlex 6.5 SCADA System

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A True Real-time Server Software Package for SCADA and Process Control Applications

Business Opportunity

Industries who have a requirement to monitor and control large systems need a stable, secure and powerful SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system. SCADA systems are required to operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and this requires a true hot standby. Security is paramount on a SCADA system. RealFlex 6.5 server runs on a QNX Neutrino operating system and uses dynamically encrypted protocol between Server and Clients to insure secure communication.

1: Choice of System Configurations

Where security is paramount, RealFlex 6.5 provides both a server and HMI on a QNX6 operating system. The Photon runtime HMI provides the user with a superior graphical control and monitoring system. Microsoft Windows users have the option of using RealFlex’s FlexView HMI. This gives the user the comfort of a secure QNX platform while benefiting from working in a familiar environment.

2: Security and Reliability

RealFlex 6.5 achieves superior security with the QNX6 operating system combined with dynamically encrypted communications. RealFlex 6.5 has a high performance SCADA engine with efficient design making it suitable for large databases. The QNX6 real-time operating system enables the products to achieve Speed, Stability and Security. Millisecond Timestamp stamping allows users to track faults with high precision.

3: Low Cost of Ownership

The inherent reliability of the product means reduced maintenance costs, less site trips and lack of constant patching/upgrades. Low implementation and setup time plus minimal training lead to reduced costs. Secure automatic migration from legacy RealFlex 4 systems ensures integrity of all the data and minimal re-commissioning time is required.

4: Hot Standby

The true hot standby allows a fast switch over to keep the system operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.Hot standby provides redundancy to allow processing to continue during failure or maintenance. Control and monitoring can continue due to fast switchover. In the event of a system failover, clients are automatically connected to the backup system without any interruption.

Main Features:

  • True real-time SCADA software
  • Photon Runtime HMI on QNX6
  • FlexView HMI on Microsoft Windows
  • Fast Hot Standby configuration
  • Support for latest hardware
  • High Performance for large databases
  • Millisecond Timestamp
  • Real-time, Historical, Alarms and Event
  • Calculation & CSL Script Language
  • Additional FlexWin clients—FlexBase, Flex-Web, FlexOPC, RFLink
  • Extensive range of standard protocols supported e.g. DNP3, IEC870 and ModBus
  • Supports sending messages on alarm to pagers, cell phones, faxes or email
  • Automatic migration from Legacy RealFlex 4 system
  • Migration Kit for RealFlex 4 drivers
  • Server API for QNX applications
  • Custom Development Kit available

5: Best of Both Worlds

RealFlex provides the speed, stability and security of a server running on the QNX platform. Users have the option of running the HMI on QNX Photon or Microsoft Windows as required. FlexWin clients on Microsoft Windows provides Operator Interface, SQL database, Web Page support, OPC Server and Client giving access to a huge number of applications.

6: Customer Support System

Utilizing the RealFlex Online Support System (ROSS) and backed up by dedicated account managers, we are committed to providing first class support, engineering services and technical expertise.


  • True real-time SCADA software package for monitoring and control
  • Hot Standby configuration
  • High Performance, efficient design suitable for large databases.
  • Millisecond Timestamp Support
  • Real-time Data Processors
  • Historical Database
  • Alarms and Event Processors
  • Calculation Processor
  • Control Capability
  • CSL- Command Sequence Language
  • FlexView HMI
  • Supports optional FlexWin clients
  • Extensive range of standard protocols supported e.g. DNP 3, IEC870 and Modbus
  • Large configurable alarm and event buffers Configuration interface through FlexView Consoles
  • Unlimited or restricted number of FlexView Clients
  • Automatic migration from legacy RealFlex 4 system
  • Migration Kit for RealFlex 4 drivers
  • Server API for QNX applications which interact with FlexView Consoles
  • Custom Development Kit for Driver and application development

Hardware Requirements:

  • Intel® Atom™ or Pentium-based computer or equivalent
  • From 64 Mbytes memory
  • 120 MByte hard disk space (size determined by size of database/historicals)
  • CD-ROM
  • 1 or more USB port(s)

Software Requirements:

RealFlex 6 server requires a copy of  QNX 6.x Runtime Operating System which includes the Core OS, Networking, Photon and File System.


  • Achieve Speed, Stability and Security using real-time platform.
  • Hot Standby provides redundancy to allow processing to continue during failure or maintenance. Control and monitoring can continue with the minimum of interruption due to fast switchover.
  • FlexWin clients on Microsoft Windows® ( XP or higher) provides Operator Interface, SQL database, Web Page support, OPC Server and Client. This provides the “Best of both worlds” giving access to huge number of applications and the ease of use of the HMI on the Microsoft Windows platforms.
  • Standard protocol support provides support for a huge range of RTU’s, PLC’s and other devices to be connected to the SCADA system.
  • Capture sequence of events using millisecond time stamping on data.
  • Create your own applications, which can be run from CSL and have displays, menus, message boxes, etc. open on some or all of the FlexView HMI’s or have reports printed based on specific alarm conditions.
  • Convert custom developed RealFlex 4 drivers for use on RealFlex 6, with the minimum of effort using the Migration kit.


RealFlex offers these industry standard drivers: DNP 3 Master (Serial or TCP/IP) - DNP 3 Slave (Serial or TCP/IP) - IEC 870-5-101 (Serial) - IEC 870-5-104 (TCP/IP) - Modbus Master (Serial or TCP/IP) - Modbus Slave (Serial or TCP/IP) - Daniels Modbus Master (Serial or TCP/IP) - Allen Bradley (DF1) (Serial or TCP/IP) - Fisher ROC (Serial) - Mcp2scan (Serial) - Ls900 (Serial) - C8500scan (Serial) - RPCScan (Serial) - Moscad (Serial)
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